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SHS 7075 CNC Aluminum 8mm QD V2 split gearbox system
Item #: 5734
Price: US $114.99
  ITEM DESCRIPTION - Buyer need to know shipment details

General Information
Model :
Material :
Size :
For M4
Package :
1 x gearbox set
Product Information

The SHS 7075 CNC Aluminum 8mm QD V2 split gearbox system is a type of gearbox designed for airsoft guns. It is made by SHS, a popular airsoft parts manufacturer.

Here are some key features of the SHS 7075 CNC Aluminum 8mm QD V2 split gearbox system:

  • CNC-machined: The gearbox is made from high-quality 7075 aluminum alloy and is CNC-machined for precision and durability.
  • Quick-detach design: The gearbox features a quick-detach (QD) design, allowing for easy removal and installation of the gearbox from the airsoft gun.
  • Split design: The gearbox is split into two halves, allowing for easier access to the internal components for maintenance and upgrades.
  • Reinforced design: The gearbox features reinforced components, including the shell, cylinder, and piston, to improve durability and reliability.
  • 8mm bearings: The gearbox uses 8mm bearings, which can provide smoother operation and better reliability compared to smaller bearings.

Overall, the SHS 7075 CNC Aluminum 8mm QD V2 split gearbox system is a high-quality and durable gearbox that can provide improved performance and ease of maintenance for airsoft guns.

Product Photo


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