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S&W series



S&W series

Smith & Wesson introduced the Sigma series of recoil-operated,
locked-breech semi-auto pistols in 1994 with the Sigma SW40F, followed by
the Sigma SW9F 9 mm, which included a 17-shot magazine.[20] Glock
initiated a patent infringement lawsuit against Smith & Wesson. The latter
paid an undisclosed amount to settle the case and for the right to
continue producing models in the Sigma line.[26] The gun frame is
manufactured from polymer, while the slide and barrel use either stainless
steel or carbon steel. In 1996, Smith & Wesson updated the Sigma by adding
a compact model by shortening the barrel (from 4½ to 4 inches) and
again, in 1999, modified the series by changing the grip by adding
checkering and adding an integral accessory rail for lights and laser
targeting devices.






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